In an effort to help my mom downsize her farm family due to some health problems, I'm trying to find great companion homes for her goats, sheep and ponies. They are all very sweet (they've been pets for their whole lives) and easy keepers.

The goats: two (twins) neutered/de-horned males. They are about five years old and the larger breed (I'm not a goat expert, nor do I play one on TV, so all I can tell you is that I am five feet tall and they come up to my stomach). Very sweet boys who love to eat brush and thorny stuff. They stay out of trouble and don't try to escape. They've done a great job cleaning up our pastures along the fenceline.

The sheep: four females, all related (grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, etc). I believe the oldest one is about 10, so the others vary in age based on that. These girls are also very friendly - they come up to us in the pasture for attention and they enjoy playing with my young dog. They are also good at eating up the weedy stuff in the pastures.

Both the sheep and goats are turned out in a big pasture with other horses.

The ponies: two small mares (maybe 10 hands each) who must go together (they are very bonded). Cricket was a rescue - she's obviously been mistreated in the past because she can be wary about being caught. But once she knows you (and if you have some grain) she'll nicker and trot up to you. Whinny is an appaloosa cross (all white but has spots on her nose). Cricket has heaves but it's controlled without meds as long as she's outdoors and fed good quality hay (or wet hay). She's done really well all summer on pasture. Both girls currently live outside with the bigger horses and have access to a run-in shed. They are great companions for other horses because they are only attached to each other - they won't get upset if you take another horse out of the paddock. They also enjoy getting attention from kids. As far as riding goes, Whinny may be a good leadline candidate, although they've never been ridden since they've been with my mom (I believe Whinny was ridden before). Super easy keepers - a flake of hay each in the AM/PM and/or pasture.

I'm willing to contribute to the costs for annual vaccines for all of these animals...while I can afford to do that, I'm not able to pay the full costs for board, feed, farrier, vet, etc in addition to what I'm paying for my own horses - this is why I'm trying to help place them.

These guys have been with my mom for a long time so they will only be placed in the best homes possible. This has been a difficult decision for her but unfortunately her options are limited. Please pm for more info!