I ride some Friesians, and I am trying to get the Sport predicate for a couple of them. I have asked the FHANA for the requirements, and I was surprised to find out they are much harder than the requirements for the same predicate in Holland!

In Holland, you can apply for it when you get 5 x 60% in Z level. Here, they ask for 5 x 60% at 3rd level. Big difference!

So I have emailed them (both FHANA and KFPS) for clarification. They will have a meeting about it in september.

If there are any other people here that ride dressage with their Friesians, please email FHANA and/or KFPS! The more people email, the bigger the chance something will change! Because right now it just isn't fair. We already have big disadvantages in this country, we don't need more

So please, even if you are not trying for "Sport", shoot FHANA an email at fhana@fhana.com