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    Oct. 31, 2001
    West of insanity, east of apathy, deep in the heart of Texas.

    Cool Either they really hate the dogs, or just don't care about the horses.

    So - while out running errands today, I happened upon someone hauling two horses in an open, stock-type trailer. This wasn't big - a 2 horse at most - with an open, cow-panel-type gate as the back closure, leaving the entire interior of the trailer visible from behind.

    So, I'm sitting at a stoplight behind this trailer, and I see movement in the trailer, the height of the horses' knees. I look more closely, and see two dogs, one greyhound and one pitt/boxer-looking mix, in the trailer with the horses, under their front feet.

    Oh, and there were other things (buckets? tack) also in front of the horses, where the dogs were.

    Am I the only one who thinks the owners/haulers should be shot?

    Oh, and it was a nice, spacious dually that was hauling the trailer, and the bed was empty, except for the gooseneck hitch where the trailer hooked on.
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    Jan. 24, 2008


    Our huntsman often hauls hounds in with his horses. Usually, the hounds are ones he picks up as he's heading home from a fixture. The hounds and horses are very used to each other. I'm not saying it's ideal, but I don't think he careless about doing it.

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    Oct. 13, 2002
    Idaho USA


    You see that all the time in ranch country. The dogs, horses, and buckets are all used to each other.

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    Apr. 8, 2005


    It's not something I would do, but I don't think it's so horrible depending on the horses and dogs. I'm thinking a couple of broke-to-death, bombproof QH geldings that know the dogs, and even if buckets, etc came tumbling under their feet, they wouldn't give it a second look.

    I wouldn't dream of hauling a horse with a saddle on, but people do it all the time. To each his own...
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    Jun. 23, 2006


    I don't think it matters that the horses are bombproof and used to the dogs; when the driver has to brake hard or hits a rough spot of road, the horses are going to step on the dogs or get tangled up in the buckets when trying to keep their balance.

    It's stupid.

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