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    Default Heat Cycle question, or what is my mare saying to that gelding?

    I have a mare. I have no complaints about her being difficult when she is in heat or otherwise to ride or handle. In fact when I can't even tell what is going on with her hormones when she is "on the clock"

    However, for the past couple of days she has been bellowing/screaming/squealing at the top of her lungs at two geldings that live across the fence during the day. She'll also switch her tail, rear while carrying on the vocal shenanigans, but never backs up to the fence (there is hot wire though) and isn't winking. Most of the time the boys aren't doing anything, just grazing at a distance of 10ft away, or are standing at the fence bright eyed starring at her, and maybe offer a nose up for a sniff. As far as I know they were both gelded at a reasonable age, and I never see them do anything save for nicker back at a mare who "talks" to them first.

    What the heck are her hormones doing?

    PS-If anyone is wondering, my mare has been on lots of trail rides with each gelding, and in the arena at the same time as them plenty of times, with out drama. We riders can stop and chat in close proximity and the horses don't do anything but behave.

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    I think a lot of info gets carried on the wind and we humans with our pathetic olfactory sense miss it. The mare I had when I was a girl would react to different geldings by usually ignoring them, the one exception was a neighbor gelding who would mount mares. She changed her tune once to a colt who was still in the chewing/don't hurt me stage, but they both realized he was a boy in between the chewing, and spotted and reacted to a stallion who was at least 300 yards away and I didn't even know he was there. But she sure did.
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