I have a super safe, dead broke, sweet 28 year young 13.2 hand POA gelding who is looking for a child to call his own. Was a beginner hunter lesson pony for a billion years but needs to take it a little easier now due to arthritic hocks. Sound for w/t work (he was jumping last summer and could prob do canter work if you wanted to maintain him with Adequan or Legend or injections). His teeth aren't great, so he requires soaked alf cubes and equine senior, but he can also eat hay and grass - just doesn't hold his weight without his bucket of mushy food twice a day. Does best outside - he can not be in a dusty environment or he coughs. I can't stress how safe and sweet he is, and of course he's also adorable! (He's a bay leopard).

He also comes with an optional mini donkey friend! The donkey is as bombproof and kid safe as any equine could ever possibly be. He's gray and white spotted, and is about 10 years old and 30 inches high. Broke to ride and drive, but would need a little more official driving training if you want to drive him as it's been a couple of years. Kids can drag him around and climb all over him and run and scream and he doesn't bat an eye.

Both these boys have done birthday parties and are used to balloons, dogs, etc etc etc... Must stay fairly local to Cincinnati, Ohio and they both have a home for life here and can be returned at any time! They're just bored and sitting, and both have a lot of use and life left in them and I hate to see them just doing nothing. Please e-mail flyingheartsfarm@yahoo.com. They can stay boarded here in Goshen (near Cincy) or can be moved to an approved location.