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    I will make my response simple as not responding seems like avoidance.

    Visiting the forum less regularly is probably true, but I've read many of the posts. Now to state that I am condescending by speaking for people with disabilities (as if certain individuals cannot) is sad, because I am not. The whole point is to make this an equal playing field. I could have shared plenty of my own personal stories but I guess I am humble in my ways and do not need to give everyone my life story. I like to think of myself by my accomplishments and who I am as an individual beyond what barriers I faced to get where I am or have to deal with everyday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hca86 View Post
    I go out with a good friend of mine who is a quadraplegic
    I think person first language dictates that we say, "person who has quadriplegia"! I think you are new to the field and that is why you get tetchy about person first language. Yeah, PF language is a huge deal in schools and in fields where you work/volunteer with anyone with differing needs or any type of disabling condition; however, I also understand the backlash from posters about "political correctness" and how having to think about language usage at all times can get tedious and cumbersome.

    I think the important thing is that we are respectful of all individuals regardless of their unique abilities. (We can also call them jackasses, freely, if it has nothing to do with their disability.) The use of person first language is a way to illustrate the "sameness" shared by all people and usage is pretty much required in many fields. But I haven't seen anyone who has appeared purposefully disrespectful to individuals with disabilities on this forum, even when they have not used PF language: I think treating people who have disabilities with respect and dignity is of greater importance than the labels that are inadvertently applied.

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