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    Default Feature I wish online tack stores had...

    A "wish list". Where you could save things you like until you are ready/able to buy without having to scan through all the pages again to find the wanted item. It would also be nice if you could save it under your name or email and then people could look up your wish list for birthday/christmas type things.

    I was thinking about this since my Bday is in a month and my mom is asking what I want. I was trying to describe a few things on Smartpak, but as much as I love my parents, something always gets lost in translation and I end up with the wrong item or size. I was just thinking it would be nice if I could save what I want and then mom could look up my list from my email and click on a link and order.

    just a thought.

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    Dover has this.
    Here today, gone tomorrow...

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    Radar Love Guest


    I agree, Smartpak needs a wishlist.
    And their store in Natick needs a bigger selection of tall boots!

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    I just copy the URLs for items that I want into an email message, and under it I write the size and color if necessary, exactly as described on the website.

    Or, back in the day, I would circle things in the catalog and then dog-ear the pages that had the items on them.

    My parents know nothing about horses but everything has been correct over the years using this method.

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    Yeah, SmartPak *really* needs a wishlist function.

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    I've used in the past to make wish lists and shopping lists for websites that don't have the option.

    (I actually kind of like it better than site-specific wish lists in some ways - like that I can go and look for the best price for something and put THAT site on the list, if it's not something that I think my mom would be comfortable looking for a better price for on her own.) (Before we get into wish list debates - my mom specifically asks for one.)

    Plus I use it a LOT just to make shopping lists for different projects and things. For example, I tend to have one shopping list per person I have to buy gifts for, and then as I come across things online I think might suit, I just add them to the shopping list. Then when it's actually gift buying time I can shop my list and pick whatever I can afford/like best/is most appropriate at the time. You can make lists private or public or password-protected-to-view, and you can set it to show you if something has been purchased through the list, or hide it.)

    Anyway, I know there are other similar sites - that just happened to be the one someone mentioned to me a while back. So that might be an option. Particularly because with most of them you can also add things as individual listings - like if you wanted a gift certificate for lessons at a local stable without a website, or your idea of the perfect gift was a ton of stone dust or a pallet of bedding pellets from the local feed store or whatever.

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    I have the same issue. Love SmartPak, want to keep my business there, and a BDay coming up. My DH is wonderful about shopping off a list so a wish list feature on SmartPak would be preferred. I even sent them a request for it! My work-around was to put the gift type things I wanted into my shopping cart, complete with size/color/customizations, print the shopping cart, and stick it on the fridge. I then cleared out the shopping cart so I could shop for "real." The nice thing about the print out is that it shows the SKUs so he can even call it in if he wants (I gave him the free shipping code too... told him that's $8 more he can spend).
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    I just put it on my universal amazon wish list. You can put stuff from any site on there. Even horses : )

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