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    Default Beval Butet Flat vs Deep Seat Saddle

    A friend of mine has the deep seat Butet, and honestly, it doesn't look that deep. In fact, I was surprised when she told me it was the deep seat. Is the flat seat really, really, flat? From photos, it doesn't look that different. It just looks like the deep seat keeps your butt in one specific place rather than letting it move around at will. Which is more appropriate for a hunter rider? Friend will let me ride in hers, so that should help. I've always had a saddle with a very flat seat, first my Blue Ribbon Avanti, and now my old Pessoa. Saddle shop I'm dealing with has a saddle fitter and a good trial policy, so that should help too. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I have the Beval Gladstone, and its considered to be a 'deep seat'...but I really dont find it to be that 'deep' at all. Anywho, I love it!
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    Same here. I have a Beval Natural deep seat, and it's really not that deep. I think they're a lot closer to the older saddles than some of the newer ones, like CWDs, for example. (I don't want to think of how many saddles I have!)

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    I have ridden in both the flat and deep seat Butets and while they may look similar I find it a subtle but noticeable difference in feel. Personally I prefer the flat seat but both are comfortable. Its really a matter of what feels best to you, definitely try both before making a decision. Its definitely not the same feel as something like a Stubben Siegfried though, not as deep.

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    Totally agree! I have a Beval Natural and I LOVE it. I bought it becasue it fit both me and my horse, who recently passed. It does not fit my project pony but am hoping it fits my new guy coming up from Va next week).

    That being said, the kids HATE my saddle...they think it is "slippery" and "flat". Meanwhile, I get in theirs (one bates, one HDR and one Dover pony....oh and a wintec close contact, which, by the way. rides just like the Bates) and there is a definite difference.

    If you want "more" saddle" I would not go with a Beval. I like mine, but I am old and used to a flatter saddle
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    I've had both, and find them *very* different in feel.

    My first Butet had a deep seat. At the time I loved it as it was very secure, but when the jumps started going up, I found it a little restricting. My last two (including the current one) have been flat, and I much prefer that configuration now.

    FWIW, I find the Butets are quite different in feel and balance from other Beval saddles. Really the only way to know which is right for you is to try them both.
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    I've also ridden in both types of Butets and I prefer the flat seat (it's what I have now). Definitely offers more freedom (for me, anyway). When I got back into riding after many years away, I rode in a friend's deep seat (with knee and thigh blocks) and it was great because I needed a little extra security until I got back into shape. But now I don't really like hers - it's almost too restrictive. I think it also depends a LOT on the year the saddle was made, too...I rode in a much older flat seat Butet and HATED it because the leather was slippery and the saddle just felt hard. Mine is a couple years newer and is a completely different ride.

    Ultimately, it really comes down to what works for you...I rode in about 15 different saddles before deciding on the one I have. They were all nice but they weren't right for me - when I sat in the one I ended up buying, it was like everything clicked into place :-)

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