My 10yo mare has always had windpuffs, and I noticed they were getting puffier so I had my vet look at them when he came out to do her teeth.

After a visual examination and some palpation, he said that she has excessive joint fluid in all four fetlocks, and possible boney changes in just one joint. He wasn't too alarmed or concerned, mentioned adequan/legend, TLC like wrapping and linements, and oral supplements.

I leave for school next month, and my horse will for the most part of six or seven months off with some walk hacks over the holidays. She will be turned out 24/7 in a good sized hilly field so she will be able to self exercise. To me it doesn't make sense to do legend or adequan since she soon won't be in work (and currently gets ridden lightly 4x/wk, max) and shows no unsoundness, but what do I know?

Does a joint supplement for the time being make sense though? She'll be staying with my family and this by far would be the easiest on them. I was looking at the smartpak product line and I see that smartflex I is popular and isn't a "big gun".

Any other recommendations?