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    Jul. 23, 2010
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    Default Leg wound that will not heal!

    I've owned horses for a long time, but this one has given me more trouble than all of them!

    The problem is a leg wound on the inside of the left foreleg, about an inch above the center of the fetlock.

    He is now 5yr, TB 17.3hh, and he cut it 2 years ago. It never healed, and after exploratory surgery 3 months ago, they found a foreign body. Anyway, it has healed well, but the scar is always getting knocked causing a scrape.

    I always put him in a brushing boot (Woof) in exercise, but he rips them off if I leave them on at turnout.

    I've tried putting a non-adherent dressing (Telfa) over the abrasion and holding it in place with elastikon bandage-tape -- but the constant friction when he moves causes the scab to fall off again, and he's sore.

    I cut away a circle of neoprene from the inside of a brushing boot to relieve any pressure on the scrape... only to find that the skin had swelled in that circle!

    Any suggestions on how I can reduce the chance of him brushing that inside cannon/fetlock area, without all the problems I've had with wraps/brushing boots?

    Thanks so much

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    Jun. 16, 2007

    Default Constant friction?

    There shouldn't be constant friction on that spot unless he is interferring. The interferring may be the problem. His feet may be out of balance and perhaps you farrier can help...more frequent he shod? Anyway I would wrap with elastikon and then top with Gorrilla very careful to not tighten the tape. PatO

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    urm- if its not healing and they found a forgien body three months ago

    when did they say you can start riding him
    as sounds as if this horse needs cleaning out and constant bandages changes on the leg until healed and of which shouldnt be ridden but box rested or small paddock rest
    he doenst need boots etc as that will agrevate it as if you say the you cut otu a bit of the boot but skin goes in then dirts getting in the wound area

    he neeeds - hot or cold animal lintex after cleaning the wound
    then - big leg size wad of cotton wool then either orthaband which you get froma chesmist which s very thin cotton wool thats like bandage or a leg size peice of gamagee then vet wrap to support the lot this way the area is clean and protected when in or out

    then you change the bandage day and night or unless otherwsie stated via a vet

    you may also if its a hind leg support the other hind with gamagee and a stable bandage

    if i was you i would call out the vet get them to clean out the owund properly as now the horse more than liekly has secondary infection and need antic botics plus bute

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