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    Don't listen to anyone who says you can't or shouldn't wear a show bow. Wear it. No one will think anything about it, unless they're a poser/wannabe who can't ride. Only those people focus on such things.

    Polo or nice shirt. Nice breeches (any color). Nice pad (any color). As someone else pointed out, ask about the bell boots. Usually it's no, but some schooling show managers will say yes to just about anything because it IS a schooling show. Saddle and bridle DO NOT have to match at schooling or recognized shows. No one judges us on such things in dressage (except, once again, the idiots who for some reason use such excuses for their failure rather than their own poor riding). Our judges are not fashion victims, they really judge the horse and how well you've ridden it. As long as your tack and clothes fit the rules at a recognized show, you're fine. At schooling shows the only rules usually listed are boots with a heel (can do half chaps or tall boots--and yes you can use field boots showing both recognized and schooling) and an approved helmet.

    Just go have fun and realize you're being judged on how the horse goes and how you ride and not on your turn out.
    "And I'm thinking you weren't burdened with an overabundance of schooling." - Capt Reynolds "Firefly"

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    maybe it's a California thing, but...

    I was at a show all day today, and saw MANY "show bow/hair basket/bling net" thingies. It's almost normal around here.

    I never really got the big deal about hairstyles. As long as it's neat and contained, it shouldn't really matter to anybody else. It sure doesn't matter to the *judge*. (and that's the opinion you're *paying* for!)

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    <i>Just go have fun and realize you're being judged on how the horse goes and how you ride and not on your turn out. </i>

    And this is why I want to be an eventer when I grow up and not a hunter rider!! Just kidding, hunters - don't kill me!!

    Seriously, thanks everyone - I'm now less worried about what I can wear and not offend anyone with!

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    Not to hijack the thread but, is it alright to have a monagram on the pad? I am from hunterland and all my square pads are monagramed with my initials. I'm thinking I may want to invest in a plain white pad if I am going to do some schooling shows in the fall.

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    I know in the schooling shows in my area they would not care about the monogrammed pad.
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