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    Oct. 18, 2002

    Default crosspost from eventing; a pictoral essay of a couple of HP's and their friend!

    *ETA: these pics are the ones that open in a new window with NO ADS. You don't have to wait on the stupid album to load; you just click on them and you can see the picture.

    LOL, I like to theme my posts with similar titles so you know it's me posting a little picture essay ... again, haha! Hope y'all enjoy.

    Once again, we arrive at the amazing and beautiful Calimar Farm in Summerville (lived up to it's name today!), GA. This time it's me and the Squeaky Tiki for our 2nd xc school, Nicole (Pattnic) with her amazing Morgan, Sparky, and a teen student of mine with her gently aged OTTB, Britain. Seeing as how I'd been there before, I was the self proclaimed leader of our little expedition. Since I was leading, I stated I was NOT going first every time today. Let me preface by saying that I rode in a clinic the weekend of June 14 ... I have ridden Tiki 5 times since then, and jumped ONCE. Extreme heat, and a busy schedule convinced me to give him a little break for a couple of weeks; this xc school marks us really gearing back up and regaining some nice fitness.

    The ponies began over a lovely, NON intimidating log.

    Let me just say that Sparky has been jumping only MONTHS. Yes, MONTHS. He had a pretty severe hind leg injury, and has been coming back from that for a while now. I begged Nicole to come play with me at this whole eventing thing, and she said, "SURE!" Up until today, Sparky's highest fence was 2'4, to be exact. And NOTHING solid whatsoever. Moved on to my favorite hanging logs:

    Got a little brave, and jumped the "lincoln logs" into the stadium/dressage area:

    Rode our BN test A in an ACTUAL dressage arena for the first time:

    Got pics at the ditch this time!
    If y'all could only SEE how SMALL this ditch is, lol!
    Nicole being brave at the bigger ditch and Sparky going "????"
    Then saying, "OK!"
    Me being a HUGE wimp:
    And then finally growing a pair ...

    Playing on the bank

    Sparky being a big boy in the water:

    Me playing on a few other things while Sparky figured out the whole jumping thing ...

    Sparky figuring out the whole jumping thing ...

    Me figuring out how NOT to be a wimp, and to sit up and put my leg on:

    And all of us, exhausted and deliriously happy with our fantastic, wonderful, rockstar horses:

    We had the BEST time! I'll say it again, LOVE CALIMAR FARM! Will go xc schooling again soon at some point, because I feel as though we still have some ... ahem, issues to work out on the xc course.

    As last time, critiques welcome on the sweaty chestnut. I think my position was a little weaker this go round since me and my horse have both jumped exactly ONCE in the last 5 weeks. Not making excuses, just sayin' ...

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    Oct. 18, 2002


    Lol, I know it's not a fashion thread or a Parelli thread, but I thought SOMEONE might enjoy this that doesn't frequent the Eventing board.

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