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    Default Fetlock sores! Treatments? Prevention?

    My retired 20 year old, thin skinned, baby-coated TB gelding gets fetlocks sores every summer. This year, they are pretty bad. He is on 24/7 turnout, with access to a well bedded stall (on mats), a sand pile in the paddock (about 8" of loose, coarse sand), and dirt and grass pasture to lay in. He doesn't lay down much, never has. His sores are bi-lateral, and are large enough/abraded enough that he's bleeding (I feel horrible!).

    So..I have cleaned them out (they had dirt/grit in there...more horrible feelings), applied wound cream, and am putting on duct tape each evening to cover them. It is bright yellow, stunning on a chestnut, and it allows me to see if the tape is still there.

    Now..what else should or can I do? They are sore, and the flies do bother them. Would "bed sore boots" be a better option?

    Locking him in at night defeats the move around for my arthritis problem, so I'd like to keep him out as much as possible.

    Thanks for any help or advice.
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    My 30-year old TB wears bed sore boots - not all the time - just when the sores open up. He rarely rolls and never lays down so I don't have a huge problem w/ open sores but when they happen they are bad. My two are out on pasture 24/7 but they have created two "roll" spots that are now hard dirt - so that's how the sores open up. I typically clean the sores when they open up and then wrap w/ vet wrap and a non-stick gauze pad - just for a couple of days or so. I put his bed sore boots on too and they heal up pretty fast. I check him daily and depending on how his fetlocks look i'll put on his boots if needed. I typically use duct tape on the top part just because the velcro will come undone sometimes (just one time around does the trick). Some people hate bed sore boots but I think they are great - my old guy does too .
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    I have the Professional's Choice bed sore booties for my 27 y/o TB. She opens up the sores on the front of her fetlocks about twice a year. When it happens, I clean them up, clip the hair very short, coat them with Wonderdust, cover with a gauze pad and then the bed sore boots. Within a week I can leave the boots off and they heal up well.

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    My thin-skinned mare wears the professional's choice bedsore boots except when she's in work. She has scars on the front of her fetlocks that open up if she isn't wearing the boots. She bangs on whatever she can, she rolls and grit abrades the scars ..... it's a constant struggle.

    When she does open the wounds, I wrap them with a bit of paper towel, gauze, and then vetwrap until they heal.

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