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    Default horse dropping weight

    My husbands' horse, a QH/ Arab/ something else gelding, approx 15 yrs old, is losing weight. We had his teeth done about a year ago and they were BAD. He gained weight quickly after that. (we think the previous owner had NEVER had them done) The vet said he needed to have them done again in 6 months. Right at about that 6 month mark he started dropping weight again. We did the teeth. He almost seems to be worse since. He still drops LOTS of food. His coat, however, is beautifully shiny- healthy looking. He has been dewormed. We have him on senior feed and rice bran (once a day) and all the hay he can eat- Our other horses are all FAT. It's difficult to separate him from the others to feed him twice a day, but I feel like there must be something else going on since he has never had this problem and has always been in good weight on NO concentrates. What else could it be?

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    Has he been seen by a vet recently for his weight loss??? Fecal egg count... wormed according to the vets recommendations... for example.. Tapes-praziquantel..... Encysted strongyles- Powerpak.

    Could there be an undetected dental issue that was not resolved by the floating?

    Multiple smaller meals are usually better to put/keep weight on.

    Adding fat (oil) to the diet for extra calories may be helpful.... beet pulp?? Alfalfa??

    Wetting the feed may make it easier to eat.

    Insulin Resistance?


    Kidney or liver disease..


    These are all just guesses based only on the one symptom of weight loss, and weight loss can have many causes....

    A vet could do a workup on the horse that may provide evidence that could be used to make an informed diagnosis.

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