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    Default Saddles more suited to the Irish TB

    I've initiated the saddle shopping dialog with my hubby.

    Me: "Honey, does Gorilla Tape come in brown?"

    I've noticed that some web sites state that a particular saddle is more suited to a particular type of horse. For example, the Amerigo web site has photos of the ideal horse for each of their saddles. The Beval World Cup Gold blurb states that it's a good choice for a horse with wide shoulders. Are there any other manufacturers that have info on how to match their saddles to your horse? My horse is half American TB (race horse daddy) and his mom's an Irish TB. He's pretty substantial. Having the advice of a saddle fitter would be nice, but I'm not aware of any in my area. My last new saddle (for my pony) was purchased after a lot of research, and DIY wither tracings. My current saddle for my horse was purchased used, and I got to try it on him before I bought it, so my trainer verified that it fit well. Now it's homework time for me. Thanks!

    Photo of horse if it's of any interest.
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    I have an ISH - since he's not an RID he's a bit lighter than the RID's but still pretty Irish looking... similar to your fellow...

    I got my horse when he was 3 and started off w/ my Ashland which worked for awhile... then got a Pessoa GenX which also worked for awhile - all this during the maturing process... then after trying an assortment of saddles... the last best fit was a Bates Caprilli Close Contact w/ med-wide tree (handy that it's interchangeable) I've had that saddle now for about 4 years and still fits well and have not had to change gullet.. I'm lucking in that I have access to a good tack shop w/ a good selection of used and new saddles... If you are at some of the rated shows where there are any saddle vendors you could have then fit a couple of saddles on your horse - they are usually pretty good about letting you ride/show in some of the used or demo saddles... although those vendors usually have the pricier saddles...

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    That's actually a pretty straightforward fit if you know what brands to look at. You'll have a wide selection in every price range. Lucky you!

    As for manufacturer info about which saddle fits which horse, no, most don't offer info of that type. It is FAR more profitable for them to keep that info semi-mysterious, increasing the odds that someone will buy the wrong saddle--and then later buy the right saddle, essentially doubling the saddle industry's profits. Or if you want a less devious excuse, many saddles fit a wide variety of horses that may (to someone besides a pro saddle fitter) appear to be totally different in pictures. So if they advertise what kind of horse the saddle is "for", they risk losing a sale. Other brands simply don't care to make the financial and logistic investment of making the info available. Still other brands have such a wide range of saddles or such a turnover in their lineup that offering such info would be cumbersome.

    You could probably find a saddle fitter in your area. Post a thread about that and include your location in the title.
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    Oct. 20, 2008
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    The only thing that worked on my irish thoroughbred was a custom saddle by Heritage saddlery in the UK.... amen for them... because I couldn't afford a $4000 french custom at the time... so ordered one from them:

    Wasn't like a $4,000 french custom... but I was desperate and it worked out perfectly! Was also whool flocked so was able to get it re-flocked... Just sold that saddle 2 months ago as the mare it was made for past away and it didn't fit the new mare who is built completely different of course...

    The saddle itself held up VERY well... ridden in 6 times/week for an hour minimum... and many times, got down poured on...

    Good luck!
    Proudly living in my "let's save the world bubble"!

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    Jun. 20, 2008


    My friend in Ireland who has more horses than I can count seems to do pretty well w/ his Berny Bros saddle

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    Apr. 22, 2009
    Ft Campbell, ky/Clarksville, TN


    My guy looks to have a similar build and I'm having a hell of a time finding something that really fits him well. But this is the first time I'm doing this without a saddle fitter....

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