1. Marengo- Hillary Dobbs- 0-0-35.54
2.Bazooka De Muze- Darragh Kenny- 0-4-35.669
3.Winsom- Jimmy Torano-0-4-40.388
4.Veneziano C-Geoffrey Case-0-8-41.009
5.Kachina- Louis Jacobs-4
6. I Va Tu Du Rouet- Darragh Kenny- 4
7.Topaz- Jimmy Torano-4
8.Texas Hold'em-Amanda Flint- 4
Then a bunch of 8's, but I didn't note times.

Nice course, faults well distributed.
Not only is Hillary Dobbs really good with exquisite timing, but she has gotten tons better since Vermont last year. Wow.