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    Default slippery barn aisle

    We have a blacktop barn aisle that is fairly old and worn smooth. The barn slopes a bit as you enter and forms a Y into two separate aisles. The slope and turn and slipperyness of the aisle is treacherous -- several horses have slipped on the aisle. Rubber mats are not a great option in this case (take my word for it). What would be ideal is a spray-on or paint on substance that provides some grittyness or traction. Isthere such a thing?

    Ideas appreciated...
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    I don't think anything sticks to blacktop. Maybe try roughing it up with.... I dunno, a pick?


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    I would contact a commercial flooring company in the area. I can ask the floor guys we have out here as there is something you can spray that makes it grabby again. You could contact a paver or concrete company in the area and see what they suggest.
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    What we used to do in the dairy barns was sprinkle barn calcite on the floors to make it grippy after scraping or sweeping the aisle. Calcite is coarse ground lime. Check with your feed mill. If you're in a dairy area it should be easy to find, otherwise I have no clue where to find it.

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    I've never used asphalt sealer so I'm not sure if this would work, but maybe you could try resealing the aisle and sprinkling it with stone dust while it's wet. You could always try a test patch first to see if it works.

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    There's stuff you can buy for garage floors. You paint the floor with product #1, I guess a roller would work, then you broadcast the second product, a gritty "topping" and let it set/dry.
    Might work on your aisle.

    You could "score" the aisle. Probably need to hire someone with the tools to put a bunch of small grooves across the aisle to give feet/hooves some grip.

    Could you adhere rubber strips? I've seen something like that at indoor barns.
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    Jul. 4, 2010


    I have a friend with a horrible barn aisle, the horses slip regularly, barefoot and shod. I'm afraid his horses are going to pull something just by walking through the barn. When I kept my horse there, I said something about it and they went out and bought a bunch of stall mats (very kind of them!) to put in the aisle. They have an 8 stall barn so not much aisle to cover over, if you have a large barn stall mats are expensive and impractical but it worked very well for a small to medium sized barn.

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    What about those coconut mats?
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    They just repaved all the blacktop at my barn and it is so slick. I hate it. My horse slips all the time and I see all the other horses slipping and sliding on it. I noticed it seems to be better when dirt builds up on it and it gives a little more traction, however the barn workers will sweep off the blacktop once a week (Saturday night) and right when it is freshly sweeped I find it the most dangerous. I wish they would just let a little dirt settle on it. It doesn't look as pretty but it definitely helps give some traction.
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    You could use those anti-slip strips that are easy to apply. I found some on this website: TRED-SURE™ PEEL & STICK TREADS and they also have a variety of paint-on anti-slip products. Seems a lot easier than actually resurfacing the asphalt itself.

    It looks like you can get 50 strips of it (in colors or just black or grey) for right around $100… not bad.

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