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    Default Christie's Auctioning Off Roy Rogers' Trigger

    Hello, everybody!

    Haven't been here in ages, so excuse if this is elsewhere on here.

    Still trying to find out who bought Bullet, Roy's German Shepherd. Poor stuffed guy was also up for auction.

    "NEW YORK — Roy Rogers' stuffed horse, Trigger, has been sold at auction in New York City for more than $266,000.

    Christie's says Rogers' faithful companion was bought by Omaha-based RFD-TV at an auction Wednesday of items from the now- closed Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Mo.

    RFD-TV calls itself "Rural America's Most Important Network," and the cable channel's chief financial officer said Rogers reflects the company's values. CFO Steve Campione said the company hopes to start its own museum and is looking to buy more Rogers items at auction.

    Rogers had Trigger preserved with taxidermy in 1965. The presale estimate for the horse was $100,000 to $200,000.

    The auction, which continues today, also features another type of horsepower — Rogers' 1964 Bonneville convertible adorned with collectible silver dollars, its door handles and gear shift replaced by silver-plated pistols.

    Other items for sale included Rogers' and Evans' performance outfits; the preserved remains of Rogers' dog Bullet; about 60 pairs of cowboy boots; and the Jeep "Nellybelle" from the Roy Rogers TV show."

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    Was on the national news the other night. Trigger, Bullet and Buttermilk. Guess all the kids that the Rogers/Evans family adopted don't want them anymore. I'd think they should donate to a museum since the RR museum has folded.
    I just don't want my animals stuffed and standing around, my cats would be sharpening their claws on old Trigger's hocks.
    One guy who stuffed his pet dog carried it with him in his car but someone thought the dog needed rescuing on a hot summer day, so the car window was broken. So if you buy Bullet, remember not to leave him in your car or truck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne FS View Post
    ...Christie's says Rogers' faithful companion was bought by Omaha-based RFD-TV...
    Uh-oh! PP's on RFD-TV. Poor Trigger!
    The inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
    Winston Churchill

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    Guess all the kids that the Rogers/Evans family adopted don't want them anymore.
    In researching the auction and the closing of the museum, I found mention in several places that Roy had instructed the family that the museum was to be open only as long as it was profitable. He may well have put this as a codicil in his will, and the family might not have had a choice in the matter.

    Some very nice family-type items were sold, including an informal dining set, as well as a lot of big bling. While I would have sought to keep much of the stuff if it were the property of my own family, I can understand how the current needs of the Rogers' family may reflect retirement and medical issues, college funds, and many things we don't know about.

    Even though I was aware of the auction, it was still painful to see the clip on the national news, and I instantly felt, "They can't sell MY horse!"

    Trigger was everyone's horse, and it would have been nice to see him donated to the Smithsonian. He is just as important as Archie Bunker's chair, the MASH sign and tent, and tons of other ad infinitum. I love those things, too, and I would like to have had the comfort of knowing that Trigger was preserved for the ages. Of course, for the Smithsonian, Trigger is just another dead horse.

    That collection was more meaningful as a mass than it will ever be when broken up. At this point, though, as those of us who grew up watching the shows and movies, these items are at the peak of their value. The kids today aren't going to have that much interest in dead horses and dogs, or even Nellybell.

    This is a very good article

    I also found another article quoting Dusty Rogers, "Trigger died and Dad stuffed him. Bullet died and Dad stuffed him. Buttermilk died and Dad stuffed her. Now Mom sleeps with one eye open."

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    I wouldn't say that. I very much doubt NMAH would automatically say no to Trigger--he would probably go nicely alongside Kermit the Frog and the Ruby Slippers. And of course they are the owners of Lexington's skeleton at NMNH and the stuffed and mounted remains of General Sheridan's Winchester aka Rienzi at AH. But SI doesn't generally buy objects. They need to be donated. They DEFINITELY would not have the budget to blow a quarter-million on a stuffed horse.

    Did RFD get Buttermilk, Bullet, and Trigger Jr, too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank B View Post
    Uh-oh! PP's on RFD-TV. Poor Trigger!

    Sometimes you have to burn a few bridges to keep the crazies from following you!

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    Here's the Christies' results:

    Nellybelle brought $116,500

    Trigger's Bohlin saddle went for 386k

    Buttermilk 25k

    Bullet 35k

    Trigger Jr 18,750

    The prices are amazing, and I'm sure there is still a lot of memorabilia in family hands, though the big stuff is now gone.

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