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    Jul. 24, 2008

    Default Calgary Stampede

    5 horses have died so far this year at the Stampede. There seems to be a big outcry that this event should be cancelled. What are your thoughts?

    And has anyone ever heard of a horse that bucked hard enough to break it's back?

    A recent news article:

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    Aug. 25, 2007


    There are some discussions on other boards about this event. Some have claimed to have had similar incidents with pasture horses at their own homes. Some of these folks are professionals, some not.

    Cancelling an event as big as the Stampede is a very serious action. There should be some evidence the deaths have some common thread before such an action is taken. So far that thread has not appeared.

    So, no, there is no justification for cancelling the event.


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    Jan. 4, 2007


    That event goes on for ten days with thousands of animals involved.
    Imagine any one of those events by themselves, or any other horse event and how few injuries they generally are.

    Take eventing for example, put ten days of Rolex together, with many times more the number of participants and then pray that the rare accident don't happen, several of them.

    Any death is sad, I don't think they were avoidable or cause for banning.

    I say, we get in vehicles and hurl down highways every day, several times a day and know some of us won't make it back home, there will be wrecks, injuries and deaths.
    I still don't see anyone wanting to ban driving.

    Anything we do in life has risks, but I disagree that rodeos have unnecessary risks, any more than so much else we do in life that all accept every day.

    If you are an animal rights groups follower, that doesn't accept any use of animals, then yes, you will want to cancel and those deaths are a good excuse.

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    I personally don't like rodeo because I don't like the feel of it. I don't like the dominating and conquering an animal, which I feel can easily cross the line to violence and abuse. I went to rodeos for year, have friends that rodeo, have seen behind the chutes. I didn't like what I saw. Not my cup of tea, carry on without me.

    But I do not agree at all with the chuckwagon races. They either need to slow it down, or stop it. I think they are pushing the envelope and just asking to have an accident. That I don't agree with. People can go out and dodge death for the sake of fun and entertainment if they want, but they shouldn't be asking their horses to do the same. Horses have already done their part laying their lives on the line for us throughout history through wars and settlement. They don't need to be doing it for the sake of entertainment.

    Nothing about modern day rodeo and chuckwagon races is anything like real ranch work anymore. It is all about who can get it done the fastest no matter who gets hurt. But watching a someone working cows or driving a chuckwagon like they should be would not be entertainment to most people. They want to see crash and burn and blood and guts at thes kind of things.

    All sports involving horses involve some level of risk. But I think the problem comes in when we try keep going for more and more.

    Yes, people drive cars everyday. People get killed everyday. But most (I said most :-), people also don't go get in their car and drive 100 mph down the road, running stop lights, and taking unecessary risks.

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