Does any one want some show help? Perhaps your are a privateer that needs an extra hand?

I have been out of the competition ring for 10 years now, and would like a chance to get back to some of the local (CA only) events. I would love to lend a competitor a helping hand.

I have prior experience as a full working student in a large eventing barn, rode to prelim myself, and groomed for CCI** (back when it was long format). I am also a former pony clubber, who made it to the B prep level.

I am currently lightly riding my three year old, and won't be competing for sometime, but I still love events.

Your level of experience doesn't matter, I would be happy to go with a BN level rider at their first event, or help an upper level rider with multiple horses.

In exchange, I would ask that I not have to pay hotel or travel expenses (I do not mind sharing a room, or meeting at your barn to carpool from).