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    Default To Much Elbows?

    I posted a picture on facebook (Judge My Ride) and Rob Gage told me that i should not have my elbows almost ten inches below the the crest... I know this is not good... but how would you fix this? My horse is really scope-y and tends to pull on me a lot... I am about 5'7" and I weight less than 100lbs. (Don't worry, I am healthy) so it is a tad harder for me to sit down and stop the pulling i guess? Any tips?

    Picture of me to critique:

    oh and... the weird thing is, on my large pony I don't do the elbow problem... maybe this helps? Or complicates things more!
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    If you sit up a bit more (try not dropping down over the fence) you will open up your upper body and thus your elbow will be lifted up and will straighten out a bit. You might lower your hands just a tad too. Basically, your crest release is fine but you're almost ducking over the fence. The rest of your position is very pretty, lovely leg position, etc. Its really a minor detail to work on.

    If you have more problems on scopier horses then I would suggest raising your stirrups up a hole. Shorter stirrups will help keep you off their back (which may be why you are ducking forward more on this particular horse). Overall very pretty equitation!

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