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    Default Anyone built thier own round bale feeder?

    Hubby and I are pondering building our own round bale hay feeder an wondered if anyone has done this? If so I would love plans, pictures, suggestions, what does or doesn't work good, etc. I would like to have it covered and I think the bottom walls need to be solid as the horses waste so much hay pulling hay through the sides of the hay ring and then proceeding to stomp it, poop and pee on it, sleep on it, anything they can do to waste it. Suggestions anyone?
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    Now I know there is someone out there that can help. Pretty please?

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    Here is some info on the Klene Pipe feeder, which might give you some ideas:

    (I don't have one, but I do have one of their Maverick style run-in sheds, which is very sturdy.)
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    Kentucky Horse Council had a e-mail newsletter article with a plywood feeder, no plans of course. The closest they got to plans was saying that if you layed it out right you could build it out of two sheets of plywood.

    It was meant for square bale feeding and was described as being 4x6x2 foot tall made out of 3/4 plywood with sheetrock edging (the little metal strips) to prevent chewing. The article talked about how much each horse tends to pull out and waste and came up with 6% per horse so if your hay bill is $400 for two they are stepping on $50 bucks of it and it'll take two years to pay back the cost of building the feeder. (but you'll also not have to transport, move and store that now unwasted hay)

    I saw today out in a horse pasture a regular pipe feeder with what looked like a heavy sheet metal insert that was about two feet tall. Honestly I wish manufacturers of a good product (or a crappy one LOL) would put their names on it in big bold letters so you don't have to try to figure out who made something. Looky here found it on the netting thread, close enough to what I saw.
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    No plans, but some design ideas here:
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