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    Default Timing question ...

    Alrighty, in my quest to teach myself as much as possible about eventing BEFORE my Halloween horse trial, I have a question about xc time.

    Y'all talk about 'optimum' time. Is there a RANGE that you finish in, or is it simply UNDER the OT? My horsie will not have a problem with being slow, but we may potentially have a problem with being too fast. How does that work?

    Also, while we're at it, I have a stadium question! I've done a few jumper shows, and have competed under a variety of tables (II.2b, etc.). Is the stadium course just a single course with no jumpoff or anything? Score is straight up time/faults? TIA for any insight!

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    Ok Jenny here ya go,

    First the easy and simple answer, yes stadium is a straight course no jump off. But the fault system is a little off because a rail is the same number of points added as a stop. Used to be different but then the FEI "improved" the sport ::

    Ok now to the rules about timing...

    I am gonna tell you the rules but I HIGHLY suggest you not wear a watch for at least the first couple events, but don't worry about time for the first bunch at all. Really.

    The rules are set up so that the horse and rider strive to finish the course as close to the optimum time as possible. But going over is penalized by 0.4 points per second over. Also you are penalized for going too fast as well. Each level has a threshold where speed faults kick in. These are listed on the USEA rule, easily found on the USEA website.

    If you're gonna event, go print the rule book and study it. Like a lot. Ask questions, like you've already done and practice your dressage test at home in your biggest open space with your legs and letters on the ground.

    Ok thats what I got.

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    Sweet. Thank you so much for your reply. Been practicing my dressage test like crazy! Planning to do a clinic with a fairly big name dressage lady sometime in the next 3 months. Planning to go xc schooling again in 2 weeks, and will hopefully do a few jumper classes at a local show held at my chosen HT venue next month.

    That's about all I can do to prepare myself, other than have a firm grasp on all the "little" things I'm not quite sure of. Planning to debut at BN, since I AM doing this pretty much "on the fly". There's a local eventer lady, Mary Bess Sigman, that does a bunch of clinics at the farm where I'm going xc schooling that I may be able to sqeeze in a lesson from. Not having a trailer is a little limiting! I'll do everything I can to be successful, though.

    Thanks so much for replying; I know these basic questions can get a little tiring. For some odd reason, the search function always gives me some cockamanie message about characters not being long enough.

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    You don't get "speed penalties" for going too fast unless you exceed a certain time--that will be posted at the start box.

    So for instance you might read on the start box for your division:

    Beginner Novice--1500 meters @ 300 mpm
    Optimum time 5:00
    Maximum time 10:00
    Speed penalties 4:20

    So that means that the course is 1500 meters long, and you have to finish it between 4:20.01 and 5:00 in order to get a "zero" for your time fault score. If you come in at 4:20 or under, you get 0.4 penalties for each second under 4:20. If you come in at 5:00.01 or over, you get 0.4 penalties for each second over 5:00. If you exceed 10:00 on course, you're eliminated.

    I believe the "speed penalty" window/time is based on the speed for the next division up. So if you're doing Novice and your set optimum speed is 350 mpm and the Training speed is 420 mpm, speed penalties are calculated based on a horse doing the Novice course faster than 420 mpm.

    Having said all that, I wouldn't wear a watch, either. There's too much other stuff to worry about your first few outings without time being on the list.
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    Speeds, distances, time ranges are here In Appendix II, pg 64 and following.
    You can save the entire rulebook from this link. Good luck!

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    May. 24, 2009
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    I have to agree with the not wearing a watch thing. I am back into eventing after a 12 year break and wearing a watch is the last thing. Getting out there again is so much different then when I was a kid. All I have been thinking about it forward, jump, gallop, half halt half halt, forward, jump and ect. I took a ton of time penalties my first few time just to make sure my green bean horse had a good time and understood that no matter what I am going to take care of him!!!
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