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    Jul. 5, 2010

    Default Deep digital flexor tendon rehab - macadam or trail; ice or hose

    My horse has a small tear in the deep digital flexor tendon of left front just below the knee. Sound at the walk when led; very slight lameness when jogged. Some swelling and heat on lateral aspect of the leg.

    He is on 30 days no riding/no turnout/handwalking twice daily 20 mins/ice or hose twice daily 20 mins. He has had weekly shock wave therapy for two weeks; third treatment in two days.

    I'm interested to hear from people who have rehabbed these kinds of injuries:

    1) Which surface is better for hand walking - macadam, or a graveled carriage trail?

    2) Which is more therapeutic - cold water water, or shaved ice in bags applied under a wrap?

    I want to be as patient and take as long as this needs, so would appreciate hearing any suggestions.

    Many thanks.
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    The smoother, flatter, and "harder" the surface, the better for soft tissue injuries.

    Cold *and* wet is better than either alone. Given that the bagged ice will sweat, and wet the leg, go for that if the wrap allows.

    Even if it doesn't sweat, the ice is colder than a hose. However, if the hosing is cold well water AND you can make the stream pretty hard (not like omg that hurts hard, but not just oozing over the leg), then that's better. Cold and movement of the water is great.
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    Shaved ice under wraps. Firm ground is good but not hard.
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