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    Default Half lease training situation...advice please!

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this. I own a horse that is in full training (lessons and training rides 5-6 times a week). Someone wants to lease my horse to ride in lessons twice a week. She doesn't have time to hack the third day which normally would be a true half lease.

    My question is this....if I continue to pay the trainer for the full training should the person leasing also have to pay the same trainer for her lessons? Either I would have lessoned or the trainer would have ridden my horse on those two days anyway. Now the person leasing would ride in the lesson instead. What are your thoughts please?

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    Are the lessons part of your total package? Then I would think, no, the trainer should not get paid twice. I would assume that the cost of the lease would include the appropriate percentage of the monthly training fee to reimburse you for their "loss."

    On the other hand, if you routinely pay the trainer for lessons separate from the training package, then the lessee would, naturally, do the same.
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    I board at a barn where everyone is in full training. If a horse is half leased, the lessor pays their percentage of the board/training fee and gets the lessons on those days. The trainers don't get paid twice for the same lessons.

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    I tried to do something like that while I was away and my horse was in training, but I never found a lessee.

    But it was going to be part of the package. The horse was trained by the trainer x times/week in the package, and as per package "training" could be either a ride by the trainer or a lesson.
    If the lessee was going to take 2 days of that, it would be with my trainer and I would continue to pay for (x-2 days), and lessee would pay for 2 days, making up the total of the package.

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    Feb. 19, 2009


    I'm doing a half lease now and basically what I pay is half board, and then I pay to do half training for the trainer, which is 2 lessons or pro rides a week (I do the lessons). The owner, who isn't currently riding, would then pay for half training as well which would entitle her to the same option of 2 lessons or pro rides/wk. The other two days would then be split for hack time.

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    Apr. 22, 2006


    Thank you for your responses. I wanted to make sure I was not being unreasonable. I've decided to agree to disagree on this and pass on the lease unfortunately for me and the lessee. I can't see paying for a full training when I'm not getting full training. I also can't see the lessee paying for lessons on top of full training when I would be cutting down on my lessons to accommodate the lease; thereby keeping the trainers' workload the same.

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