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    Default Happy ponies and a handful of nails

    Because I have a new addition coming at the end of July I decided to getmove on with my fence work. As a recap here what was going on with it.

    I found out Red leaned on my fence so much she was knocking it over and walking on it basically (a few poles turned out to be rotten on the bottom) So they both got moved over to the other pastures and my neighbour and I tore down my fence on day, and planned on Putting it back up within the week. I bought new poles, set them up, decided to let them set firm in the ground before continuing on. Got an eye injury that put me out of any kind of work that might even remotely get something in my eye for about 2 weeks. 2 weeks go by and my neighbor went and did something I forget what. We puts around about working on the fence because we were not in a hurry to get it back up.

    2 more weeks pass by, Summer heat really starts setting in so we blow it off some more. We still didn't need it up, the horses had the run of 3 pastures, about 5-7ish acres rough guesstimate. Were allowed to come out and munch on the yard grass.

    I then find out about my friends problem then have to kick it into overdrive. Neighbour got dehydrated. Didn't want to risk anything so held off another week. So about 2 months after we started (wow, its really been about 2 months!) we finally got the main portion back up.

    Working on setting it up and stretching the wire as much as possible, but of course you can never get it as tight as it was when it was originally put on. But we did alright, we still need to put in about 4 T-posts to help stabilize it more and we need to put the barbed wire up top back on (the main portion is horse mesh) and I certainly see a lot of crimping in my near future to get the top portion of the horse mesh good and tight.

    I went though with a magnet (had to buy a new one have NO CLUE where my original one went to) and I figured I would come up with about 4 maybe 5 nails. Man I was wrong. by the end of the trip I have a big handful of nails, some wire that was buried, and I even unearthed a tractor... pedal....

    but the horses are happy. I let them in to tear the grass out. Im going to have 2 blimps after awhile. Tomorrow Im going to cut them off it for a day or two then let them back in after a day or two. Not that they are starving for grass now, the grass they have as is, is a decent height so they arent picking up grass nubs or anything. I just dont need Blimps.

    My dog also escaped the house and decided to go into the pasture with Shiloh. Red decided that no dog is going to touch her brand new grass that she has discovered and had a merry dog chase around the pasture. The dogs were just thrilled. Especially my dog Sirrus who she caught in the act of rolling in horse poop.

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    That is a lot of nails!!!! Congrats on finally getting your fence up though... your horses certainly look like they appreciate it!
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