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    Feb. 27, 2003

    Default Duck killer?

    So after a year and a half, something has found my duck pen. I lost two in 3 nights. (the rest are safely locked up now by the way). What kind of varmit climbs fences and kills this way? any ideas? I'm thinking coon - but I don't know. The bodies are carried away but the head/neck is left.

    any ideas?
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    Feb. 6, 2003


    Could be any number of things.

    Although I will say that many times if it's a coon, the head and neck will be missing. Not unusual for a coon to get into a henhouse and just eat heads. However I have no idea if duck heads taste bad compared to chicken heads.

    Try sprinkling flour on the ground around the duck pen and check it the next morning for prints. Because predators for fowl are numerous. Coons, fishers, otter, (otter really love ducks, are you near water?) fox, coyote, you name it. Raptors too, but they don't leave anything behind.

    Can you put woven wire over the top of the pen?

    Sorry about your ducks. I love ducks, had some when I was little and they can be very endearing birds.
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