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    Default Hind Suspensory-Future limitations?

    Hind suspensory branch injuries in Both hinds 4 months apart. Now 18 mo. post injury and both hinds seem to be healing well. What future limitations will this have? Are there certain activities we should never do anymore? Like low jumping (in hand), cavaletti, low level dressage?


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    I don't know how anyone can answer this accurately except for a vet familiar with the injury, rehab imaging, etc.

    There are horses who never really heal, and horses who come back 100%.

    My horse, for example, had bilateral high hind suspensories (at the same time; if it happened one after the other one might investigate what the underlying issue was), healed very well, and I've been told he can reasonably go back to his old job (preliminary level eventing). We aren't there yet for other reasons, but he is now doing work at the level just below that, so jumping 3'3", 1st level dressage, etc.

    But it is pretty individual to the horse in question.
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    If you have bi-lateral hind suspensory issues, you are possibly dealing with DSLD/ESPA, which is a chronic disease. Have you and your vet discussed this? Check out for info.

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    Completely depends on the horse/the injury. We had one who had lesions in both hind suspensories. Did the surgery, rehabbed very very slowly and carefully, and he came back to full work at the level he'd been competing at before. I've had others who never really healed fully.

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