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    Default Holy Bull

    Does anyone have an opinion regarding Holy Bull offspring for eventing??

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    The Rough n Tumble line of horses is considered to be very durable. Unusual to see him in the sire line. The Intentionally line is also very nice to see. I don't know of any real life examples, but on paper I like him for sport.

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    I never got to event him, but I put some training miles on a barnmate's Holy Bull gelding, and I loved him! He was up for anything, had nice gaits, had a fun personality, and learned very quickly. I still think about him...a handsome, leggy grey gelding with the unfortunate name of Bull Head! I would have loved to event him.
    Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck; some nights I call it a draw. -- fun.

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    My grey horse is a son of Holy Bull.

    I do not event, but I do both the hunters and dressage.

    He is honest, brave and consistent to the jumps. He hunts his own distance and has a great attitude. He locks into a rhythm and hunts around. I love coasting around a course on that horse. At shows he is the no prep wonder.

    He also has a great work ethic in dressage and after about a year of focusing on dressage more heavily he is scoring 65% at Second (my Second level debut as well!) and we are working on Third.

    Overall he has a completely "unruinable" attitude. He will generously hunt a 10yo around a 3' course and if you put a beginner on him that makes mistakes or has unsteady hands instead of getting flustered he just turns them to blah until they get their act together. Ask correctly and he dials in immediately and offers 110%.

    I literally have no issues with this horse (knock on wood!). He is well-mannered, has a great temperament, tries hard and is always pleasant to be around. He has no vices and is completely easy to deal with. There are no weird little "quirks". He does not require prep at shows.

    Every single trainer, dressage and hunter, that I have ridden this horse in front of has liked him, and by the end of the first lesson they have been converted to full-on fans praising his work ethic and try.

    He is a great horse and an awesome partner.

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