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    Default Colic or tying up?

    It's been hot for a long stretch. Yesterday was supposed to be the worst of it and we are excepting a temp change tonight. Yesterday evening I noticed one of the horses NQR - standing in the barn yard while the other was doing her normal grazing in the pasture. This horse is not mine - called owner and vet. Breathing was heavy, all vitals were within normal range per vet - temp was 100.4. I hosed off (which both are getting daliy at least once to cool them off) thinking she was hot. Horses are in the shade all day with access to stalls w/ fans and had been turned out in a shady pasture after dinner for an hour before I notice this.

    When I talked to vet I told him I really didn't know if this was a colic or heat issue. She seemed to me to have diminished gut sounds. He advised to cold hose her ( I had already done that) and give Banamine (we have oral on hand)- he would check back in 20 mins. to see if she was responding to it.

    Owner came out and we watched her - took about an hour, but she started to brighten up and was interested in hay scraps.

    What are the symtoms of Tying up? I've dealt with gas colic in this horse and although this was caught early it didn't look the same to me. She's in her mid 20's and on probotics and electrolyts as supplements and I put a heavy tsp of Ionized salt in the food she doesn't get supplements in. Salt blocks in stalls - both reg and mineral which they use regularly. I noticed they have been drinking a lot and I'm cleaning out really big pee areas in stalls. Both have access so can't say which one or if both are using the same spot all day. Since they are drinking more I didn't think much of it until now.

    Sorry this is long (I really did try to summarize), but if anyone could give me any info on Tying up experiences I'd sure be thankful.

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    Personally that doesn't sound like tying up to me. Sounds like the heat was a little too much really, and was stressing her. Tying up often happens after hard work (or work horse isn't use to) and would show up as muscle cramping/hard to move tight muscles. Good luck, the heat sucks!

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    One of my mares was breathing hard everyday last week. Her vitals were normal. The vet said he had several horses with this issue due to the hot weather and more than likely the clover. She seems to do better once hosed. It is a little scary!

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    You just described my mare's symptoms late yesterday. NQR, diminished gut sounds & off her feed. Breathing rate was better yesterday as it was somewhat cooler than prior week+. Heart rate was somewhat elevated but dropped to normal after Banamine.

    This AM she was brighter, but left part of her halved "vet approved" midnight snack of soaked alfalfa cubes and barely touched her breakfast.

    Vet was out for annual visit, everything was fine except she still isn't eating. He floated her teeth which was sorely needed. I am hoping she will be more comfortable tonight with her 'floated teeth" and cooler weather.

    Agree 'tying up' occurs after physical activity. Good Luck with the horse!
    "Never do anything that you have to explain twice to the paramedics."
    Courtesy my cousin Tim

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