So I may need to send my 8 y/o TB away for training as part of his rehab. He had surgery on his left hind suspensory in November. We are up to trotting now, and hopefully cantering later this month. I'm an adult amateur, and coming to realize I don't think I can do this all on my own. Before the injury he was a very willing horse, never gave me a hard time at all and went forward easily. Now he has a bit of attitude, and doesn't want to always go forward when I ask him. When I ask him to trot he'll hop, throw his head around, etc. The vet has looked at him several times and feels it may be a behavioral issue. I am looking for someone who can help with the training and rehab, and instilling the must go forward idea. Also, he can buck, so if someone can deal with that too, that's a bonus.

My vet recommended Rex Peterson/Cari Swanson. Has anyone worked with them? I am in CT, so ideally I am looking for someone in NY (Westchester, Dutchess or Putnam counties), or in CT.

Please, I am only looking for recommendations on facilities for rehab/retraining, english or cowboy type. No posts about what could be wrong with him--I've already had a thorough evaluation with the vet and addressed other possible issues.
Please feel free to PM me as well. Thanks!