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    amandastorms Guest

    Default Dog Problems

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Chronicle of the Horse. But I have read other posts with issues similar to mine and was impressed by the help they got.
    I board my three horses at a nice facility. I pay $600 a month. But here is my problem: My horses do not get $600 a month care.
    For $600 a month per horse I expect quality hay, of the right amount, for each horse.
    I do not expect to be told to clean 'Every hair and piece of debris" out of wash stalls when I leave. I already muck their manure when they poop outside of their paddock and make sure to leave the wash stalls clean.
    I expect clean stalls and shelters, and no injuries due to out of control dogs.
    My horses are in a paddock with hard packed dirt to lay on. No shelter. And most of their hay blows away in the wind, leaving what's left to be fought over, so my 1 year old gets the short hand.
    I have spoken to the owner and she has promised me stalls for several months now.
    Even more pressing are her dogs, 1 in particular.
    Toby is an older boarder collie who has huge obsession issues with the horses. My horses have been bitten numerous times, as have the other boarders. A friend of mine must have a chiropracter work on her horse because the horse injured her back kicking at the dogs when they went after her while she was turned out.
    I've talked to the owner many times. Especially after the dog spooked our horses on the trail! It came darting out of the bushes and snapped at their legs, causing both horses to bolt, nearly unseating both of us.
    The owner's answer? "Just catch him and put him in a stall." Easier said than done! The dog avoids being caught and acts like a wild dog when you try to catch him.
    One of these days that dog is going to get seriously hurt when he bites the wrong horse. Or else a horse will get hurt. Even worse yet: a person!
    What are your thoughts? Are my expectations too high? Or am I right to be unhappy? How do I get the owner's attention without making an enemy out of her?

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    A. Find a new facility
    B. Give your notice per the terms of your boarding contract
    C. pack em up

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    doesn't sound like the owner is going to change
    leaves you with a choice of stay and put up with it or find another barn -- life sucks sometimes
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    Move. Around here you'd get better pasture board than that for $150/month.

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    I would assume you are somewhere in California, maybe?

    I see your situation as a problem with you, not them.
    It is their barn, you know how they run it.
    If you don't like it, it is your problem for staying there, can't blame others for it.

    Your complaints don't matter, they will run the barn the way they choose.
    You are the one that has to see to your horses and your safety.

    We need to change what we can change.
    We can't change other people.
    Consider moving.

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    Find another barn and move your horses.

    That's really the only option, since what if you really do confront the BO and they continue to brush you off with vague promises?

    If you stay and nothing changes, that's nonverbal approval for how your animals are being treated.

    Really, why is this even a question you have to ask? Move your horses.
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    You are fulfilling your end of the contract. BO is not. Take your consumer dollar elsewhere. Buh Bye.

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    Yup. Time to move. Dogs going after horses is absolutely not acceptable and the owner is clearly not taking the issue seriously. No reason to make an enemy out of the BO or create ill will of any kind. Just give your notice and get the heck out of Dodge.

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    I'd also suggest moving.
    I know, it sounds like the "easy to give, hard to follow" answer.
    But from your post there are far more issues than just the dog...and that issue is a serious one.
    But the lack of enough hay, the lack of stalls, etc...not good.
    These animals are supposed to be enjoyed and we all spend a ridiculous amount of money to enjoy our equine hobbies. I just can't see spending that much per month and not able to get my money's worth or enjoy my horses.

    Also, as much of a pain in the butt it can be to find a new place and move there and possibly commute further or leave's still a LOT easier to find a barn that fits your needs than it is to change the barn where you're having problems.
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    I don't understand why the BO thinks your putting Toby in a stall would solve the problem, since he goes after horses in turnout?

    You gotta get outa there, you know. Nothing will change. The BO is irresponsible and lies to you on top of it.

    I feel bad for the collie. People who allow their border (not "boarder" BTW ) collies to run horses will have a dead collie one day.
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    Go somewhere else.
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    Jingles for you to find another better barn soon ~
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