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    Default Ever have one of *those* lessons?

    Yesterday was one of those days. Horsey, from the start, was on tilt, because, OMG the place where we haul to lesson had extra-spunky horses who happened to be running in the field. Couple that with with OMG my rider's new boots are squeaking against the saddle. Fat-boy-morgan apparently forgets All-That-Has-Been-Learned when outside forces attract his seemingly very small, allotted share of brainpower.


    My trainer has the patience of a saint. I LOFF her. She got us through it. It took 35 minutes, but we did it, and we moved on. And I think we're better for it....but that 35 minutes felt like eons, and I wasn't sure I was going to live thru it, or at least stay on. Hell, I wasn't sure she was going to live thru it being in the arena with us.

    So now, dismounted and safely positioned on my bomb-proof couch, I am reflecting on yesterday's event, and thanking my lucky stars I have such an awesome trainer, and also sorta patting myself on the back for surviving. And Mr. Fatboy? Well, I guess I am proud of him too for learning to cope...and for not killing me in the process, LOL.

    So to all of you who have been through at least one of those days (which I suspect is 99.9% of you), I applaud you Happy Riding, all!

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    I wonder if Mr. Fat boy is out there chomping down food regretting his over-exuberance yesterday...oh wait...he is a Morgan, they never get tired do they?

    Good for you for pushing through a tough day and seeing the upside of it!

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    More often than I would like...turned up the pressure on my mare and she is less than appreciative about it, don't know why. Even when I school her at home, she has days with the Boogy man in the corner, you know, the one over there...WRONG-been riding in the same ring for 9 years...REALLY?!?!?

    I have to say, most days I wonder what my neighbors think because they hear all KINDS of things coming out of my mouth (I do try to be aware of what comes out since I used to be surrounded by 100 acres of nothing and they have a 7 year old daughter-hard to teach this old dog to shut up and not say something 4 letter in nature!).

    I have one mare that all I keep asking is "could you get a work ethic...PLLLLLEASE!" I am sure they laugh whenever they hear me.

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    I read a blog discussing horse misbehavior in lessons shortly before my horse demonstrated how naughty he could be, and it made me think before convincing me it was accurate. I feel as if it was someone on this board who posted it, and I hope if so she/he will post a link, since I don't remember what blog it was.

    The main point was that if your horse is an angel in lessons, it means your trouble times are when alone, and it's better to have instruction to help with the hard times. It sounds like in your case it was a great chance to learn and grow with your Morgan, so when you encounter the same type of problems without your instructor you'll be prepared to handle them on your own.

    A few weeks ago we had a clinician in, and it was the day my horse decided to be horrible. He kept bucking, running through my leg, zero concentration, one bolt with bucks to the other end of the arena. It was good affirmation for me that my riding and responses to this behavior are correct, as the trainer kept telling me I was doing exactly what I needed. He'd been great another time she was here, so it is nice having the chance to work with her both on how to handle misbehavior AND how to improve on our performance on a normal day. My horse is almost always on his best behavior with my trainer in the ring, because she worked with him for a year before I got him, so he knows her well.
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