I've got a young horse who suffered an injury to her meniscus a couple of months ago. She's not gotten markedly better on the stall rest, chaperoned turnout and hand-walking program. She's gone from full-on grade 4-5 to grade 3-4, and vet doesn't think she'll get much better, but it is hard to tell.

She's too young for me to really retire, but I don't know that I'm quite ready to make the big decision. Unfortunately, board where I am now is too expensive for me to keep two horses there, so right now I can't really even ride.

I'd like to find a place where I can board her fairly inexpensively and she can be mostly outdoors. I think her mind and body stand a better chance being able to walk around then be cooped up 23 hours a day. I'd like to find her a place where someone would at least keep an eye on her, get her feet trimmed (at my expense), and let me know if her injury really degrades. Trouble is, I can't seem to really find such a place.

Any Florida knowledgeable folks have any recommendations? Ideally, it would be within about 50-75 miles of St. Petersburg, but if someone has a good contact up in Ocala or down in Ft. Myers, or whatever, I'm open. I'd like to be able to drive to her and back in one day.

I know this is a longshot, but she's a super cute little girl and I hate to give up on her just yet. I'd love to find a wealthy benefactor who wants a very pretty pasture pet...but that is a pipe dream, I know.

Oh and for me inexpensive means $200ish per month. In city, I'm at $625, to start, so that's too much to carry for a pet, for me.