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    Default How well do Vespucci *reins* hold up? Esp. plaited?

    I've heard a lot lately about the quality of the bridles going downhill, but what about the reins?
    Specifically, does anyone have the plaited ones who could post a review?

    I have a pretty nice older Vespucci bridle and would loff loff LOFF to have a nice set of plaited reins to go with it but not if they're going to fall apart in a week.

    Thanks for any comments!
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    This won't answer your question but Country Saddler and Five Star Tack have plaited reins, maybe one of them would match. I am dying for a pair of plaited reins, when I can afford some.

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    I don't know if quality of Vespucci has gone down, but I bought a Vespucci bridle/reins last year that ended up having to be returned to Vespucci. The thing bled like no other. Customer service through Vespucci was horrible-- my tack shop worked and worked with them to no avail. Finally my tack store refunded my money. Would not buy another Vespucci product after all that.

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    Don't have any problem with my Vespucci bridle and had really good customer service from my tack store when I needed to add a 'figure eight' to it.

    I will add that the new 'figure eight' doesn't seem to be at the same quality level my bridle was when I purchased it a year ago...will see if this part last...

    On the other hand, I had trouble with my nice pair of Arc De Triomphe calfskin covered reins...leather ripped off at buckle, unstitched itself for no apparent reason at some other places after only 6 months of good cares and use, and lots of trouble with their customer services... Been refunded!

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