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    Jun. 16, 2007

    Default Dressage/show hunter stallion for TB mare <$1000

    I have had an expensive season and I have a new mare that I wish to breed for a foal to sell and as her first foal and as a foal to present her for inspection with. I wish to stay below $1000 stud fee for fresh shipped. She is a lovely mare for sport horse breeding and I would have a lovely foal if it was just like her. Faults are minor...I want to clean up the front of her neck into her chest...her top line is lovely for hunter but her neck placement would need to come up for dressage. Changes to a generally correct mare...Her limbs are excellent but if she got more height from leg length as opposed to depth of body. She is just over 16 hands and I would want more height for a market foal. Her temperament is excellent and I would like to keep that to produce an amateurs mount. The only stallion I have on my mind at this point is Bayron as we have a yearly Swedish inspection in this area and they respect TB mares in a pedigree.

    Thanks for any suggestions. PatO
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    I was just looking at this guy yesterday... his fee for fresh is $500 and on Facebook too!
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    Well, you might look at Amorex - he's got a frozen under 1000 and his fresh is over, but not a huge amount and 1/2 or so isn't due until the mare is 30 days in foal.

    I may also be misremembering this, but I thought perhaps Cielo B had a special in celebration of winning the jumping portion of the stallion testing that might put him in range?

    Little Bit Farm has several that would be close to the 1000 and if the season's been bad I think he also has a clause where the bulk of the $$ aren't due until your mare is in foal as well.

    I think Silver Twist and/or Regulus (who has some nice tb crosses) might be close to the 1000 too- from Dreamtime Farm, but I think they would be AWR.

    Valhalla was offering Imminence for an intro rate that would be around your number I think - he's good looking but I don't know much re: Trak registration - I think w/a tb mare, you'd get 1/2 Trak papers? Their other new one - Hilife? - might have an intro too.

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    Breed to an approved TK stallion and you would be able to register any foal into the ORB-B book. If that foal was a filly you could then present the filly for approval and be able to get her into the PSB book and HER foals would be fully registered/approvable into the OSB book. A colt could not be approved for breeding. UNLESS the mare is taken to an ATA approval and passed inspection. If that happened, the mare in question would be PSB and any foals (filly or colt) would be elig for OSB approval.

    PSB = Preliminary Stud Book (mares in this book are Anglo TK, Arab TK, or purebred TB or Arab and approved for TK breeding as a "betterment to the breed")

    ORB = Official Registry Book (not approved for breeding, but fully papered).

    OSB = Official Stud Book (fully approved for breeding).
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    I *believe* Gray Fox Farms offers some REALLY nice discounts in the fall..for booking early. If you dont mind waiting till next season.
    I think Redwine would fix the neck, add some bling and defineatly add some marketabilty.

    These guys are having a huge sale right now...under $500

    I suppose you could go in this direction, as they are mostly TB anyways:


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    Contact Amy at Heritage Manor Farm, she stands Routiner, Coromino and Rhythm and Blues. Two stand for 1k or less, and she does offer discounts.

    I love my Coromino gelding.

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    Jan. 2, 2006


    Ask Kathy about Edelweiss de Bonce - he'll give you length of leg and a jumping pedigree.

    Coronado WW is $1k

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    Check out Amazing...this is his first year standing publicly, but his pregnancy rate has been fantastic. As it is his first year, he is being offered for under $1000. He is 16.2 and is very athletic with beautiful gaits for the hunter ring. And his jumping form is textbook perfect every time. His best asset by far though, is his temperament. He is very easygoing, sensible, and quiet. My husband handles him on a regular basis, and he is a new convert to the horse world .

    Good luck in your search, and I hope your luck turns around!
    Cornerstone Equestrian
    Home of Amazing (Balou du Rouet/Voltaire)
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    Apr. 13, 2005


    My search results are due to price, not sure if they'd match with your mare..

    Coromino is $950, Limited Edition & Banderas at Dreamscape are advertied at $1200 but you could contact Jennifer - that might be in Canadian funds and get you closer to your pricepoint. Claim to Fame is lovely as well...I'd get in contact with the SO's and see what discounts & incentives they may be offering. Oh, and there is the often over-looked stallion of Silver Lining at Silver Creek Farms...and Baron Van Gogh is a newer stallion at Rainbow Equus that is quite nice as well (were you looking for more depth of body or more leg - he is a big guy but I think would cross very well with TB blood). Escapade's stud fee is $700 according to his website & that's a deal as well. Pasolongo is a handsome hunter stallion -- and has more show ring miles & accolades than most of the 'advertised' hunter stallions. Juventus is at Cornell for 1k.

    Well, that's a pretty good basic list and there are some nice horses on it to boot! And SO's with good reputations. Amazing what a few minutes on the internet will bring up for you - and with frozen the possibilities are endless...

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    Feb. 9, 2005
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    I think Silver Lining would be great if you want a proven producer in that price range--he's a nice stallion and his bloodlines are fantastic.

    I am VERY interested in seeing what Amazing puts on the ground and hope he is shown as well.

    Honestly, it is so expensive to breed and feed them for a year (not counting the unforseen vet bills) and then add in the cost of inspections--I would be tempted to spend more if you find the perfect match. Sorry--my unsolicited two cents
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    Jun. 16, 2007

    Default Thanks

    I am also getting private responses and I am researching as fast as I can. Thanks for all suggestions. There are many very interesting choices under $1000 PatO

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    Feb. 16, 2006


    Over 300 champion stallions at half price through July:
    The Inverted Y
    Anglo Arabian Sporthorses
    2005 and 2007 USEF Breeder of the Year.

    Hundreds of half priced champion stallions

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    Mar. 27, 2001
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    And SWANA will recognize him for full papers on offspring bred to reg. or going to be registered SWANA mares.
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    For a TB mare, I had really good results with Coromino. The resulting foal went premium with GOV.

    There are many good choices for $1k and under.

    It's been a tough economy for SO too.

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    Jun. 16, 2007

    Default trottrot

    I don't disagree but this is a tough year. I sent out some mares and the one foal I have has joint ill that I am actively treating with the whole ball of wax and it is very expensive to treat with the whole ball of wax and Willa is not home yet. I shouldn't do this at all but it is a very nice mare. My plan is to secure her future a bit by getting a nice warmblood foal and getting her inspected with foal at side. She is a top mare who can't have a performance career due to injury. Wonderful wonderful mover with an excellent temperament and conformation...anyway I have to decide fast. PatO

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