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    Feb. 2, 2010
    Neither here nor there...

    Question squeaky, squeaky, squeaky saddle...

    Okay. My saddle has a squeaking problem. I've had it for probably 7 years, so it's not brand new. It has squeaked from the get go. I've had quite a tough time breaking it in, but I take really good care of it and it's in great condition.

    I really believe that it is the leather, not an internal problem, as the sound seems to come from everywhere...surround sound if you will.

    I have oiled and conditioned it plenty; I don't know what else I can do to remedy the problem!

    FWIW, it is a Crosby Excel H... anyone else have had similar problems... how is it fixable?
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    Feb. 6, 2008


    I've never done it but I have heard that sprinkling baby powder underneath where the flaps may rub works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsBuddy View Post
    I've never done it but I have heard that sprinkling baby powder underneath where the flaps may rub works.
    I second this!!! Baby Powder and its many wonderful uses!!!!
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    Yes, I've successfully eliminated squeaks in both English and western saddles with judicious sprinkling of baby powder.

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    Jan. 30, 2007


    When you baby powder it, flip it upside down onto something soft so you don't scratch it. Have it flat on its "back". Shake a bit of powder right in under the flaps, and shake the saddle gently to help it get into the nooks and crannies around the tree.
    It WORKS!
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