I am forwarding an email I got from the South Fl Trail Riders. You can email me for pics mrsmph at aol dot com
Forward this out to anyone that may be looking for a horse.

Subject: Arabians & Morgan need help... Urgent!
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 12:11:26 -0400

We have been asked by a local farm to help place several horses that are at risk for being PTS. We have until July 5th to remove them from the property. They are all healthy and in very good shape.
1. Bay Tobiano Pinto, born in May 2003. EN Natasha is 14.1 hh and is a very flashy mover. No formal training. Natasha is very attached to the mare listed at #2 below, Rose - they’ve always been together.

2. Bay Tobiano Pinto born July 1997. EN My Calico Rose is about 14.3 hh and has no formal training. Some kids rode her bareback during a summer camp a few years ago. She’s pretty laid back. Mother was an Arabian; sire a Morgan/Saddlebred cross. Rose is very attached to Natasha – they’ve always been together.

3. Chestnut gelding born March 2001. En Dude was used to train exercise riders from Adena Springs but hasn’t been ridden in at least 3 years. He is the full brother to Natasha. He has great movement and the potential to be a great driving horse. Dude is a full brother to Natasha – the Morgan came through in the gait! Note from Theresa: This picture doesn’t do this horse justice – he is absolutely stunning!

4. Chestnut born June 1999, EN Xing Xing is green broke. Morgan movement and would make a great driving horse. Green broke and was ground driven before saddled. Easily handled, caught, bathed, etc.

5. Chestnut born in 1999. Tasia (non-registered) is green broke and ground driven. She is about 15.1 hh and inherited the fancy Morgan gait. She is easy to handle. Dam is a Thoroughbred and sire is a Pinto.

6. Bay mare, age 14. Dakota is an unregistered Morgan Cross. She trail rides in water and is extremely pleasant. She loads and does anything asked. She was ridden in a summer camp and jumps small jumps.

7. Grey gelding, born May 1994. EN Ferzeyn Dajavu is out of a Thoroughbred mare and an Arabian sire. He is large bodied and stands at 15.1 hh. He was used in a summer camp and has been ridden through woods, over logs, and through gullies. He is a follower and needs to be with another horse. He is correct and sound.

8. Bay Anglo-Arabian stallion, 5 yrs old. ELN IBN Ferzeyn has a refined Arabian head and a large body of a Thoroughbred which makes him a sculptured beauty – his conformation is perfect. He has been lightly educated under saddle and has never offered to buck or act up. He would make a great dressage horse. His father has the homozygote grey gene so eventually this horse will turn gray. He injured his left eye at the age of two. A simple scratched lens turned into a bacterial infection which left him with some scarring but he has 85% sight in that eye. This in no way impedes his abilities.

9. Gray ¾ Egyptian / ¼ QH gelding. Little Bit is 5 yrs old and has a very sweet personality and great ground manners. He has a short back and long legs. He has no saddle training but would make a great endurance or trail horse.

If anyone is interested please contact me at bhfer@earthlink.net. They are located close to Ocala, FL. The information above was provided to us by the owner. I’ve seen the horses but can’t confirm the potential or abilities. I can tell you they all have very nice dispositions.