I need some suggestions...

12yo gelding Appendix QH in light work - weighs about 1300lbs. He didn't sweat last year, was on night turnout and lost a bit of weight from the stress. Started One AC early this year, and so far he's sweating. However, he's dropping weight again. He had a complete float last month and he's on a regular paste worming schedule (just had Quest Plus - before that, Equimax).

Currently he eats:

5lbs Very good quality Alfalfa (split AM/PM)
15lbs Good quality Coastal (split AM/Noon/PM)
7lbs Ultium/TC Senior mix (split AM/Noon/PM)
6oz Cocosoya (split AM/Noon/PM)


Smartvite Alfalfa (partial dose)
Source (partial dose)
Grand Hoof w/MSM
MSM pellets
One AC
Himalayan Salt
Ulc-R-Aid (partial dose)


I don't want to give him another flake of alfalfa midday because of the heat - it's over 100 degrees at noon. He is not a big coastal hay guy - I'm fortunate that he eats what he does. He will not eat rice bran pellets or alfalfa pellets.

I was thinking about adding Nutrena Empower - Envision is a 50 minute ride each way for me.

Any other ideas?