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    Mar. 15, 2010

    Default Which Colors?!

    I have my first show on my new lease horse on Friday and I can't decide which jacket and shirt would best suit her color.

    I have a dark navy jacket, exactly like this

    and a charcoal grey jacket, exactly like this

    now for shirts! I have a light blue, a lavender, white, and a light blue pinstripe.

    I know that a classic navy jacket and white shirt always looks nice, but I was wondering if any other color combinations would look even better. (I'm showing medals and jumpers)

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    Jun. 10, 2009


    I would vote Grey & light blue because I love that color combination, but my grey coatis considerably darker
    My horse is usually a bright red bay, but he clipped a funny color in that picture. I really like that color combination with a bright bay.

    I do jumpers mostly, but if you're doing medals you might want to stick to navy/white.

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    Mar. 15, 2010


    Thanks! I was hoping someone would pick that combo! The first day I'm only doing jumpers, the second day I'm doing both, and the third day will be a medal final if I qualify, so I can always wear different jacket/shirt combos each day...

    Anyone else?

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    May. 17, 2009


    Don't get me started, lol. I enthusiastic about matching coats and shirts.

    Do the grey and light blue for jumpers, and the navy and white for medal. I showed at a largeish unrated show in the medal class in an orange shirt and brown jacket with no problems, but if the show is larger I'd stick to blue and white

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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Cool At Summer Shows

    I vote ~ dark navy blue jacket with light blue pin stripe shirt for your horse's color at the summer shows.
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    Mar. 15, 2010


    maudie-I've shown eq before in my navy jacket and light blue shirt(which is very light) and the judges don't seem to mind(I've won several classes wearing that combo), and this is just the local medal finals. I was just worried about looking ridiculous for picking the wrong colors for my mare!


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