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    Default Exporting semen to South Africa

    I have an inquiry from a breeder in South Africa that was wondering if it is possible to export chilled semen from the USA to South Africa. With the numerous changes as of late due to various infectious disease outbreaks, does anyone know what the current rules and the processes are for doing this? Many thanks!
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    When I have time tomorrow night, I'll see if I can find you the names/numbers of some SA Saddlebred peeps in the US. We have quite a few SA horses here, not sure about the shipped semen aspect.

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    Lisa - my recommendation is to contact your local USDA office. Our protocols for Canada are different than yours are for the US and what applied a few months ago for the USA, might have changed due to that recent new CEM outbreak

    I have also had a whack of enquiries for Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for semen from Guaranteed Gold. No matter how I work the numbers, it simply doesnt make sense - economically - and ROI wise, to do so, as much as I would like to make it happen

    Europe is the easiest area as far as quarantine protocols go. Australia and New Zealand are far more difficult (and both countries have different quarantine protocols) and South Africa is equally as difficult but with their own set of rules as well. I looked into all of them 1-2 years ago, when the enquiries kept coming in and we had our own farm. I THOUGHT it would be cheaper as I have one isolation stall and I thought I could keep him at home, but since I am not a licensed quarantine and stallion collection facility, I couldnt

    So - based on his concentration and volume (usually about 30-40ml and 8 billion per ejaculate) he would need to stay in quarantine for 30 days prior to collecting at that cost was $750.00 per month. The facility charged $250.00 per collection, the Federal vet who had to be in attendence for each collection, charged $250.00 per visit. Then there was the freezing charges which were a flat $200.00 for each collection, plus $10.00 per straw up to 25 straws and $5.00 per straw at +25 straws per ejaculate. To make it all worthwhile, since he had been sitting there for 30 days waiting for the quarantine time frame to be done, I figured it made the most sense to get several collections done and frozen so I was looking at around $950.00 per ejaculate (also factoring in the $750.00 board divided by 5 - the proposed amount of collections we were going to do while he was in there. So - somewhere around $5000.00 put out in upfront costs and then waiting for each dose to be sold, one dose at a time, over the course of the next few years ...

    And then if you wanted to freeze for the other countries as well, since their protocols were different, you'd start the whole process over once again which meant that he'd be gone for a period of 2-3-4 months in total. The only saving grace was Europe - I think from what I can remember, because their regulations werent as strict as the other countries, if he was in quarantine for any of the other 3, you could also collect for European use as well

    But in my case, I was looking at putting out over $15,000 in total costs and then waiting years to make my money back on that semen, so as nice as it would be to have foals in other countries, none of it made any sense whatsoever to do on paper ... ... and I think your costs would be the same or possibly higher out your way compared to here

    Hope that helps!

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    Chilled semen to SA ??? NEVER possible and Frozen Semen to SA is a terrible mess. First you need many more tests and swabs and certificates done than for any other country, 1 month quarantine and then you need to send a good container that holds the semen forever as they do not care much there in the quarantine. I had a lady from SA buy frozen semen of Milky Way and they did not release it in time and the semen all died as nobody filled nitrogen when it was needed. Never again!
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