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    Feb. 18, 2008
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    Hi everyone, in honor of Father's Day, I'd just like to give a shout-out to all of those wonderful show dads out there!

    I am thankful that my dad was always there to support me (and wake me up at ridiculous times in the morning to drive me to shows when I was younger), and he got pretty darn good at polishing boots, painting hooves, and holding the horse!

    Now that I'm older, and able to drive myself, he's enjoying NOT having to wake up super early for every show, but he still comes to every show he can, and takes great pictures and videos!

    He's even gone as far as learning to recognize the basics of what I'm being judged on in the Hunters/Eq (he's gotten pretty good at recognizing chips and other imperfect distances), and though he still gets confused about the different class names.

    Basically, I'd just like to say THANKS to him, and all dads like him who support their "daddy's little girls" through this expensive and time-consuming hobby. I know he'd much rather have a Ferrari in the driveway than a nice horse at the trainer's barn, but he's willing to make that sacrifice to make his daughter happy! Thanks dad!

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    My dad always loved taking me to the barn on Saturdays. My mom was scared of horses, so if she drove she'd sit in the car and read but Dad would always be right there offering to hold a horse. He'd spend the lesson either watching and listening or playing with one of the barn dogs. He'd even remember terms and ask me what my trainer was talking about. Didn't do too many horse shows, but now that I do IHSA he'll drive a full 5 hrs out to our home show to take pictures. Haven't quite gotten through that side shots are more useful than straight-on, but whatever.
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    I know I'm a little slow on the uptake with this one, but I just wanted to say that I have one of the greatest horse show dads ever...

    My dad has been coming to horse shows since I started riding and showing in 4H at age 5, was there all through my years as a successful junior rider, and even though I am now a professional, he STILL comes to almost all of the shows. I still live and work on our family's small H/J show barn so we really are together almost all the time. He loves watching my students show and loves it even more when I do. He drives the trailer to the shows and lets me sleep. He rolls wraps, cleans the back of the trailer, grazes horses, and sometimes even takes pictures or videos. Big time trainers who I barely even know now that I've grown up, smile and say hi to him and sometimes even know him as "Kacey's Dad". Even my own friends laugh at me and ask if I even know how to drive the trailer - I do! When he had back-to-back knee replacements a few years ago, he wasn't able to come to any of the shows. I had to drive the trailer and he missed a bunch of shows. To this day, with two new knees, he still works around the farm all week, fixing fences, mowing fields and lawn, picking stalls with me in the mornings, and various other chores. Then he comes to the shows with us in his "spare" time.

    I thoroughly believe my dad is the most "epik" horse show dads of all time and I wish there was an award for all the hard work and support he puts into it. Actually, many years ago, when we used to show at a small local show series, he was given an award at the year-end banquet for "support and dedication". It was nice to see a trophy on the mantle that year just for him!
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