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    Nov. 29, 2007

    Default Wither Tracings--anything *I* can learn from them?

    So, I am looking for a new saddle (shoot me now!)

    I took some wither tracings yesterday with the intent to send them to Trumbull Mountain. However, I will have time this weekend to visit 1 or 2 local tack shops and check out their inventory. Is there anything that I can take from these wither tracings that would help me decide if the tack shops have anything worth trying? Should I just take them with me?

    I already know that the horse (TB) has a higher wither and larger/wider shoulder with a curvier rather than flat topline. Biggest issue seems to be finding something that won't pinch his shoulders. Not sure how that translates into panel shape, size, etc.....I am used to the old-school method of just buying a Pessoa and assuming it fit everything you put it on!

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    If nothing else, you should now know how curvy or flat your horse's back is, and can compare that to the front-back shape of the saddle panels.

    You can make a cardboard cutout based on the template and make a pretty reasonably close 3-d representation of the back, and assuming your tracing is far back enough to encompass where the saddle would fit, you'd have a really good idea, by sticking the template under the saddle, whether it's a reasonable saddle to try.
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    Nov. 29, 2007


    Thanks JB!!

    I did the Trumbull Mountain tracing, so I have 1 tracing set 3 fingers' width behind the scapula, 1 tracing of the width of the lowest part of his back, and 1 of the curviness of his topline.

    Should I make a cardboard cutout of each tracing?

    I do realize of course that a saddle fitter would be the best way to go, but I already contacted one who said it wouldn't be worth it for her to come out because the saddles she carries are way above my price range (I'm looking for used saddles in the $700-$900 range). Frankly I am afraid I will end up in the same boat with Trumbull too.

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