True love means sharing the pain.

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Husband and wife horse owners Adam and Lisa Hooker experienced their own type of deja vu last month when they were both injured by the same horse on the same day. What's even more interesting? The couple broke the same bones in the same leg!

Lisa was riding their Percheron/Thoroughbred-cross mare, Lacey, when out of nowhere the mare spooked and threw Lisa off in a fenced-in pasture. This type of thing is uncommon with Lacey, Adam told the Monroe News in Michigan: “It was a freak accident,” Adam said. “We’ve never had any trouble before with the horse."

Adam swung up onto Lacey to settle the mare down and was subsequently thrown back to the ground, breaking the same two bones in his leg as his wife's--the fibula and tibula in the left leg. Both were transported to the hospital, in one ambulance, and received matching casts and crutches. It was later discovered that Lisa also injured her pelvis in her fall