She's not missing, really. But I would love to see if anyone recognizes her, either in the past or present. I owned her for a very short time back in the summer of 2003.

She had a tattoo, so she had raced, until when I do not know, and we did not record the tattoo. She was bought from a horse auction in Essex County, Ontario, Canada in May or June 2003 for $1600 CND and sold in September 2003. (she was very dangerous under saddle and sold as a companion only for $300) The original sellers said she was trained Dressage, and had been used by children. It is suspected she was drugged during the auction, and was ridden and appeared sound and sane to people who had spent years in the buisness.

She has/had distinctive what we believed to be birdcatcher spots placed on her body, particularly on the back. Three white socks on all feet but the right fore and a full blaze. She is/was chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail.

At the time of purchase she was 16, and did not come with papers. If she is still around she would be 23. Any information is great, no matter how small. Not sure I will get anything, but I figured it may be worth a shot.

This is a picture of her; the only one we have.