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    Mar. 8, 2009
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    Default Not wanting to eat

    My friend has a 15"3, 4 yrs Lusitano stallion that has refuse to eat since two weeks now...only eat few fresh grass from his pasture or some grain if fed by hands... He lives 16hrs outside in his own big paddock full of good stuff to eat. Dodo inside with some more hay for the night. 6.5lbs Blue seal food + B1 + extra vitamins! Extra care for that special baby!!!

    Vet thought of a little cold because he had some little fever but was not couching much nor sneezing out some antibiotics for 10 days. That is over.

    Vet also thought about ulcers since he was (previously from now...) quite nervous and anxious since he had to be separate from his friends when he became more 'mature' last summer.
    Went to few local shows and schoolings. Been acting out a bit but a very good boy overall. Training is 4-5 times per week with good trainer.
    So, got some Omeprazol (still on it)

    He is now dead quiet !!! No more fever but still not eating. The vet is coming back but my friend might ask for another vet's opinion.

    Any thoughts of what this could be....the poor thing has lost so much weight...

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    I'd pull blood to see if everything is ok. I know kidney problems can make a horse stop eating.

    Ulcers can take a while to heal. If he eats grass/hay, but doesn't want grain, that would be my first thought.

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    Jun. 20, 2009
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    Mouth? Teeth? Hurts mouth to eat?

    Entroliths? slow impaction starting?
    ...don't sh** where you eat...

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    Check the teeth, even if they have been done recently. Some dentists/vets completely miss the back half of the mouth, and those points can make it impossible to chew properly.

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    Maybe the horse just isn't hungry.... If he's got grass he's probably stuffing himself full of that and there's just no room for grain! If he wasn't eating grass I'd be even more concerned about him....

    On the other hand, it's not normal for a horse to turn down grain. I'd have the vet out to do some blood work and see if there's a medical reason for his not eating, just to be on the safe side, and I'd do it right away....
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    Mar. 8, 2009
    Montreal, Qc


    As I said, he doesn't eat much grass either...lost about 100lbs...

    So the vet came again and checked for the teeth. Some minor, really minor sharpiness here and there that are now gone by the drill! He has all his adult teeth.

    2 blood samples for kidney, liver, anemia, and more...

    Results only on thursday...

    Vet said she had a similar case where the horse stopped eating for 15 days and then started back and is fine now...

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