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    Default Furminator to thin mane?

    I just found a small knock off fuminator floating in a bag of supplies that came with the last cat. After using it on the furball, I got to thinking it was about the right size to touch up a mane... and what timing, as the mare's uber thick mane is getting out of control and my hands are in no shape to pull. I have a thinning blade but it still requires a bit of a pulling motion and my wrists just can't handle too much of that.

    Has anyone tried this? Results?
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    I would think it would be just like using a clipper blade to thin a mane. I would work from the underside, in case you end up with odd lengths, and don't try it if you have to braid any time in the near future.
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    It appears to me that the Furminator is just the back side of a 40 clipper blade that someone thought to attach to a plastic handle and charge 40 bucks for.

    I do know some people who have success using an old, dull clipper blade to thin manes. Perhaps one of them will pop in.

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    I would think it would be just like using a clipper blade to thin a mane.
    It is. In fact, I used a blade from a knock-off Furminator on a mane this spring. It was actually a little easier than using a clipper blade because the Fake Furminator blade was wider. For what it's worth, I popped the blade out of the handle so it would be easier to work with.

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    There are a couple of big post about using human hair removal creme like Nair to thin horse manes. Search "Nair" maybe to find them. The idea seems very slick. PatP

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