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    Jul. 2, 2008

    Default Tell me about hearing aids for riders - please!

    OK, I've been in denial or been just plain hard-headed for long enough now and the truth of the matter is that I need hearing aid(s). Are any of you COTHers wearing a HA while riding and if so, what brand, model, and how do you like it?

    I'm really in the dark. I don't even know what the procedure is for buying one. When I was tested 6-7 years ago, (twice) I was told that a HA would help me. Riding, helmets, wind, etc., was never discussed because I was pretty adamant that friends and family could just learn to speak distinctly. And I could say "What? What? What?" But now, I'm missing spicy conversations on the trail, instructions from trainers, and tend to miss meetings simply because I know I won't understand the speaker anyway. Obviously, it's time.

    I live in NoVa. Any suggestions for finding an audiologist (Is that what/who I look for?) who also rides or how else can I be sure I get something that will fit my horsey lifestyle?

    BTW, Since this might not be the best place for posting, I am cross-posting this in the "Riders with Disabilities" section as well.

    Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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    Jun. 7, 2008
    now in KCMO, and plan to stay there


    Yes, I have had hearing aids since 1991 and wear when riding. My current set is the best I have had so far, made by Starkey and they are the digital programmable kind. That means if my hearing changes, the aids can be tweaked in their settings without my having to get entirely new devices. I have a severe enough loss that I have the larger in the ear kind that are visble (although their color blends in really well with my own coloration). If your loss is not severe, you may be able to use the smaller completely in the ear canal kind.

    Depending on whether your health insurance plan covers them at all, you may need to first see an ENT Doctor, then audiologist. If you know you are going to have to pay for them entirely yourself, look in the yellow pages. Good luck and keep us posted!
    RIP Sasha, best dog ever, pictured shortly before she died, Death either by euthanasia or natural causes is only the end of the animal inhabiting its body; I believe the spirit lives on.

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    Sep. 6, 1999
    Snottsdale, AZ


    I have them. I just looked up audiologists around here and the interwebz had recommendations for this one person.
    I've had to get a couple of different molds for my ears and they also put in this extra 'stay' that sits on that outside of the ear canal flat part so the aids will stay in. When I ride, they kept inching out but they stay in now.
    I did lose one when I hit the deck on a showjumping round.
    Also, you will have to continually go back and get them adjusted. I need to now.
    Once, she adjusted them and I went to a CT. I was in the middle of my sj round and I hear a whistle. So, I slow up and look at the td and she looks at me. And it seemed I was hearing things so I continued on. She then blew the whistle and asked me what was going on. I told her I heard a whistle. She said she didn't blow it.
    Well, I heard it. She then looks at her radio. And I said it probably came from there. The dr judge just blew someone in! And I heard it better than her whistle!

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