Argggggggggggggggggh I am waging a frickin' war on flies!!

Fly predators cannot make a dent in what we experience here due to having livestock on virtually all sides of us and cattle that like to hang out near my fenceline which is only 200 ft. from the barn. So I am trying multiple trap ideas. We have been using sticky traps/fly paper, the bottle traps that they drown in, bag traps, and I recently resorted to using fly bait which makes me very nervous. One of those bag traps gets filled up pretty quickly and we could go broke using those. They run about $5-6 per bag.

I've seen the Rid-Max traps which seems a little more environmentally conscious because you can easily empty them out and reuse. The flies get trapped and desicate in the sun. You reuse several times and over multiple seasons so a $11.95 trap could be much more economical and probably more efficient.

Has anyone used these traps and have some input?