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    Unhappy Is Chicory grass good/bad for mares?

    Our mare pasture has been taken over this spring/summer by Chicory grass? They are eating it like crazy but not getting fat. We have wormed them regularly so not a problem. Several are bred and I was worried that it may effect them like fescue does? This was a nice Bermuda field at one time... not sure if Chicory came from broadcasting with winter mix seed or chicken litter fertilizing (that we will never do again).

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    Are you sure it's chickory?

    Chickory around these parts are used to lure and feed deer.

    As far as hurting horses, according to Katy Watts who owns the site,, chickory is high in sugars and used to induce laminitis in test subjects for studying the same. If it were me, to be on the safe side, I would be tempted to kill the chickory (if it were a large amount) and reseed with something containing less sugars.... However, I don't know of any other risks, aside from laminitis, that it would pose to your mares.
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    Chicory is a great forage. In many areas in the US, & around the world, it is grown & cut as cattle fodder. It meets or exceeds the recommended
    dietary minerals requirements of lactating dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep
    and red deer than grass-based pastures during spring, summer and autumn. Puna Chicory is probably the most popular strain planted in the US. Though someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    What do you mean by grass? It is has rather large, broad leaves. Think the biggest dandelion leaves you have ever seen.

    My horses like it, & I am glad to see them eat it for the nutritional value.
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